James H. Miller

James H. Miller, age 66, has served as an independent director of the Company since May 2014. Mr. Miller is currently Executive Vice President - Americas of Kvaerner U.S., a position he has held since June 2011. He is also a Director and Officer for all Kvaerner U.S. based legal and operating entities. From June 2008 through June 2011, Mr. Miller served as Chief Executive Officer & President of Aker Philadelphia Shipyard. From June 2011 to April 2014, Mr. Miller also served as Chairman of the Board for Aker Philadelphia Shipyard ASA and reassumed that position in February 2016. Before going to the shipyard, Mr. Miller was President of Aker Solutions Process & Construction Americas. Prior to joining Aker Solutions Process & Construction Americas, Mr. Miller held the position of President of Aker Construction, Inc., which was one of the largest union construction companies in North America. Mr. Miller graduated from the University of Edinboro in Pennsylvania with a Bachelors of Arts degree.

Mr. Miller's extensive progressive leadership positions with a large multi-national industrial construction contractor led to the conclusion that Mr. Miller should serve as a Director. Mr. Miller has significant operational experience and a thorough understanding of the challenges and risks that face industrial construction contractors. He is experienced with merger and acquisition activity, partnering with other companies, and the management of large multi-year construction projects. Mr. Miller is also knowledgeable in many of the Company's key markets including power generation and iron and steel.

Independent Director